Following Your Dream, No Matter What

Click over to the Contributor's page to see a new post, an excerpt from Nancy Seeley's chapter in the book, "Falling In Love (Twice!) South of the Border." #expatlife #whynot #followyourheart #beachtime #sunset #zihua #mexico #justdoit #yesyoucan #thelifeyouwant #whyweleftamerica #zihuatanejo #mazatlan

A Bit of News

Sometimes I like to share a media mention here (even though I put all media stuff in the News section). The Adventuress Travel Magazine is a website and online community of women over 50 who like to travel and well, have adventures, run by Carolyn Hamilton, herself just such a person. She recently reviewed Why …

We’ve Made the Tabloids, Folks!

They say any publicity is good publicity, but after seeing this headline in The New York Post yesterday afternoon, I wasn’t so sure! It does make me laugh, though, every time I look at it or even think about it … in fact, I’m thinking about having a T-shirt or poster made of it!